Power transmission, motion transfer and conveying applications.

T-Max Tensioners

When used in power transmission drives, all V-belts and roller chains will elongate significantly over time if not properly maintained. Incorrect belt or chain tension will lead to increased downtime, lower equipment productivity and inflated maintenance costs.

  1. Extend the life of critical drive components
  2. Reduce system downtime
  3. Increase drive efficiency
  4. Reduce belt and chain whip on long center drives
  5. Ensure drive components do not snag obstructions
  6. Reduce resonant frequency of chain drives

Trackstar UHMW Guides

Fight friction and reduce costs with long-wearing Trackstar UHMW Belt and Chain Guides. Available in stock, Fenner Drives offers the widest range of standard profiles in the industry for guiding belts, chain and cables. Standard crowned and flat versions are also available for use in guide rail systems.

  1. Wide variety of standard products in stock, ready to ship today!
  2. Two-piece guide and channel design simplifies installation and replacement.
  3. Ensure longer belt and chain life
  4. Longer guide life
  5. Simplified installation and replacement
  6. Precision-machined
  7. In stock, ready to go!

HPC V-Belts

Our High Performance Composite (HPC) V-Belts are uniquely designed and incorporate custom composite materials which provide a number of time- and cost-saving benefits to maintenance engineers and equipment designers:

  1. Longer belt life
  2. Easier, faster installation
  3. Reduced drive vibration
  4. Minimized maintenance time
  5. Reduced V-belt stock
  6. Simplified drive design

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

As a world leader in belting, we provide Eagle Polyurethane Belting and O-Rings with unrivaled world class service and our promise: Right Here; Right Now; Ready to go to You! From light, medium, or heavy duty conveying to custom profiles, Fenner Drives has the right product for your application.

  1. You’ll find a wide variety of non-reinforced and reinforced polyurethane belting, non-reinforced quick-connect belting, polyester belting,
  2. Have an application with direct food contact? Fenner Drives has your solution.
  3. In addition to our broad range of standard products, we also offer a large selection of special profiles and durometers.
  4. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please view our Eagle Polyurethane Belting catalog to see our full product offering.

Power Max Pullies

The quality-proven, high-efficiency MGS "K" Series speed reducer is now additionally available in a stainless steel housing as the “KSS” Series. The adaptability of the double-side, wobble-free, stainless steel bushing system (with expanded bore sizes) makes this unit ideal for the harshest washdown application.

  1. NEMA C-face Input adapter has an O-ring between the motor and reducer and an easy-mount, maintenance-free, flexible input coupling
  2. Bushing covers meet safety standards — outside closed cover cap - protects seals from high pressure washing. Inside split cover cap - enables easy assembly onto the shaft
  3. Patented stainless steel double side bushing mounted into stainless steel output quill – easily mounts onto standard stainless shafting. Readily change shaft size from a variety of available bushing sizes - inch and metric.
  4. Double sealed on both sides of output — with a dual lip outer seal and a single lip inner seal.
  5. Stainless steel oil fill plug and hardware with laser etched nameplate data
  6. Gears supported with dual bearings in one piece housing for structural rigidity.

Keyless Locking Devices

Fenner Drives is pleased to present our comprehensive line of Keyless Locking Devices. Only Fenner Drives delivers a product line that offers quick and easy installation with Trantorque plus the design flexibility and extra heavy duty capacity with B-LOC.

  1. New to the product line is B-LOC Compression Hubs which offer a new concept for keyless locking devices.
  2. Backed by North America’s largest inventory of product ready for same-day shipment, the best customer service support in the industry, and the engineering expertise and manufacturing agility to provide custom solutions, Fenner Drives Keyless Bushings and Specialty Locking Devices always deliver on this promise: The key to better machine design is no key at all!