Electric actuation and Motion Solutions.

Rod-Less Electric Linear Actuators - Linear Drives

RACO is an international leading manufacturer of linear and rotating electromechanical systems . We are dedicated to satisfying our customers most demanding requirements.

RACO is the true pioneer of electric actuators. The RACO- Electric Actuator ® was invented and patented more than 50 years ago. RACO actuators offer reliable and environmentally safe and economical solutions replacing hydraulic or pneumatic systems.RACO is the true pioneer of electric actuators.

The All Electric Linear Rod-Type Actuator

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Rod-Less Electric Linear Actuators - Linear Drives

The RM Rotary Actuator is designed to automate the operation of valves, gates, dampers, louvers and other positioning applications requiring partial or multi-turn rotational movement. The product line follows the RACO Modular Actuator principle, thus allowing application specific customization at competitive prices.

COMPACT - Series Rod-Type Electric Linear Actuator

The RACO Compact series electric linear actuator has almost the same performance data as the MA series actuator, however the actuator has the smallest stroke to overall length relationship, short overall dimensions and a very compact and economical design. It is engineered for lighter duty applications, compared to the extreme heavy duty RACO MA actuator. It has a flexible modular design, which allows you to customize the actuators to the application requirements. The Compact Actuator family is available with a wide variety of drives such as the standard RACO motor, AC or DC gear motors and high performance Servo motors.