Linear Motion Solutions.

SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform

At the core of the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform is a SIMO qualified linear rail. The Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation qualifies the rail to tolerances that have 6x less bow, 2x less twist, and 2x better flatness. The result is a base rail with machined precision at aluminum extrusion prices.
The SIMO Series rails are available as components combined with 3 options of bearing tribologies for the carriage; self-lubricating FrelonGOLD®plain bearings which are ideally suited for contaminated environments, V-wheel roller bearings for high speed applications, and profile rail linear guideways with recirculating ball bearings for rigidity and precision.

Round Shaft Technology - Linear Bearings & Linear Guides

Round Shaft Technology utilizes precision round shafting as the guideway and linear plain bearings or linear ball bearings for movement. While the shafting is often hardened steel, other materials such as stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum are available in the standard industry sizes. RST self-lubricating linear plain bearings and linear ball bearings come in a wide variety of configurations and offer solutions for a broad range of applications. Support rails for round shafting coupled with open bearings offer additional rigidity for heavy loads, while flanged bearings and pillow blocks offer a variety of mounting configurations.

Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings

Cam Roller Technology uses PBC Linear precision straight rails and a multitude of different sliders and rails to provide high accuracy and high speed linear guidance in an economical solution. Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft. Cam Roller Technology is ideally suited for material handling, point-to-point, door frame guidance and automation applications. We also offer linear motion solutions for high load transfer and compact, low profile applications. To meet the needs of our customers, PBC Linear offers numerous modular components, linear guides, and telescopic systems.

Integral-V Linear Guide Technology

Integral-V™ Technology (IVT) uses structural aluminum framing integrated with V-races. IVT provides a complete system built with or without structural support framework. Hardened steel raceways are directly embedded into the Integral-V rail to eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components. The integrated rail utilizes PBC Linear's SIMO® machining process for precise mounting and alignment on all critical sides—ensuring dimensional and rail form accuracy. This allows the IVT carriages to roll smoothly, accurately and quietly along the rail. IVT is a perfect choice for medium format material handling, machine-tool guidance and extended length transfer applications.

Gliding Surface Technology -Plain Bearing Linear Motion

Gliding Surface Technology adapts plain bearing design to create a simple, two-piece configuration of a rail and carriage with a self-lubricating surface. By utilizing plain bearing design, Gliding Surface Technology offers lower profiles, compact sizes, and smooth, quiet linear motion. Available options and product capabilities provide unlimited design alternatives and configurations. PBC Linear manufactures Gliding Surface Technology to perform and to withstand harsh environments while offering additional advantages:

Profile Rail Technology – Ball-type Linear Guides

Available from PBC Linear are Chieftek-Precision, Inc. high performance ball-type linear guideways. Perfect for high speed transfer and handling applications, these linear guides offer both high rigidity and accuracy. Equipped with improved features such as stainless steel reinforced end plates, internal eco-lubrication system and overall dust proof design, these ball-type linear guides offer repeatable linear motion at extended life performance. The linear guides are designed with 45° contact angle to attain equal load and balance the forces in all directions – providing high load capacity and excellent system stability. These ball type linear guides are available in multiple precision options and a wide selection of sizes to directly match up with the customers application requirements.

Linear Actuators Technology

Linear Actuator Technology (LAT) is your ideal choice for automated positioning, transfer and guidance. We offer a full assortment of actuators to meet any application needs. Choose from belt, ball-screw, lead screw or un-driven systems complete with a number of mounting and performance accessories. Require a multi-axis solution? PBC Linear will work with your design team to create a sophisticated assembly that simplifies processes, improves performance and saves on cost.