Bluffton Motor Works can design and produce almost any type of fractional motor, gearmotor, or reducer you might need to power your products.

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Bluffton Motor Works, formerly the Engineered Motor Products Division of Franklin Electric, has manufactured high quality fractional motors at its corporate headquarters in Bluffton, Indiana since 1944. Although the company has evolved over the years, our mission remains the same: Provide value to our customers through a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Bluffton Motor Works' vertically integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, combined with its experienced and knowledgeable workforce allows us to produce the highest quality, most reliable motors available for our customers.

Integrating Lean Manufacturing practices with Six Sigma tools throughout our operations has allowed us to make great strides in eliminating waste and dramatically improving our manufacturing flow, resulting in 99.8% on time delivery. The engineering department at Bluffton Motor Works is focused on our customers. With over 100 years of design and application expertise, our engineers can solve just about any complex issue when it comes to motors. Whether developing the best design solution for a customer's product, troubleshooting current applications, or redesigning products to maximize value, our engineers will help you get the best possible results.